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About Us

At Lodestar, our mission is to be a valuable member of your project team, working within your unique corporate culture to help deliver a quality project on time, on budget and with zero injuries.  Our health and safety professionals know what it takes to perform successful construction projects.  We are here to protect your corporate reputation and fiscal health, in addition to the health and safety of your workers.

The Lodestar Safety team has been committed to ensuring the protection of workers for more than 30 years.  Our professionals have carried our commitment to worker safety since the early 1980s, when we started providing safety planning and oversight at large Superfund environmental remediation projects.  Those initial projects had potential for high risk chemical exposures and physical hazards associated with soil excavation, demolition of buildings and aboveground storage tanks and construction of environmental remediation systems (i.e. soil vapor extraction systems, slurry walls, collection trenches, sheet piling, air stripping towers etc.). Since then, we have built a strong practice in civil construction, industrial manufacturing, energy production, natural gas and electrical utility infrastructure safety.

Lodestar’s objective is to be a key team member that reinforces the culture of our project partners, whether on long term infrastructure improvement projects with hundreds of workers, or single day operations working with one crew.  Our experienced safety professionals provide the highest level of leadership, guidance, coaching and support to ensure completion of a quality project, on time and with no injuries.


Lodestar always wants our partner companies to win; and winning for us means being part of a high functioning project team; a team that is aware of all applicable safety requirements, understands how to implement those requirements and takes pride in striving for full compliance and zero injuries.  We watch our team members’ backs and work hard to foster a culture in which every worker on the job does the same.

The Lodestar Safety Team provides a full range of safety, environmental and quality management support on construction projects throughout the United States. Representative projects include installation of an approximately 70 mile underground 345kV power cable system, planning and permitting for a 50 mile fuel transmission pipeline, construction of electrical substations, construction of electrical transmission towers, replacement of overhead power cables, installation of a 30 inch diameter natural gas pipeline through Brooklyn and Queens, permitting and construction of the largest soybean to biodiesel production facility in the United States and bulk petroleum storage terminal permitting and construction.  From project planning and permitting through implementation and start-up, Lodestar’s multi-disciplinary professionals help project management teams start on time, proceed on schedule, finish on time and within budget…while providing a complete electronic record of daily events. 

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