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Construction Safety


Lodestar can support clients with development and implementation of corporate safety programs or specific elements of safety programs.  We develop or modify project-specific Health and Safety Plans (HASPs), in conjunction with our clients’ operations and management staff. 

Lodestar provides on-scene safety coordinators to meet client needs on short or long term projects.  Our safety personnel conduct Job Hazard Analyses, prepare written safety plans, perform daily tailboard meetings, conduct job-site inspections, provide specific personnel training programs and provide many other project management support tasks.  We have developed a database program that logs daily job site safety inspections, tracks coaching opportunities and incidents, if any, and can sort project findings by category (PPE use, job briefings, job site set-up, etc.), by contractor or other key parameters. 

QA And Project Management


Lodestar project personnel can assist with traffic route planning, DOT permitting, signage, police support coordination and construction QA inspection services, as applicable.

Environmental Construction Support


Lodestar can implement and fully document all compliance requirements associated with the following programs:

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention

  • Erosion Control

  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC)

  • Dewatering Discharge Management

  • Excavated Soil Management

  • Chemical Management and Hazard Communication

  • Wetlands Compliance

  • Endangered Species

All applicable environmental, safety and QA documentation can be managed in a comprehensive database that can be sorted by date, project location station, program area, etc. and includes, as applicable:

  • Photo-documentation

  • Daily Logs

  • Laboratory Monitoring Data

  • Inspection Forms

  • Training programs and Sign-in Sheets

  • QA test data (i.e. flowable fill, concrete test results)

Environmental Planning

Lodestar’s strong environmental consulting roots allow us to provide valuable contributions to the project team from the earliest planning stages. We have been leaders in property acquisition due diligence for over 25 years.  We use this expertise to identify potential pre-existing contamination, wetlands and endangered species issues early in the project siting/route selection process.  This optimizes project preparation and minimizes potential surprises. 

Where applicable, our soil and ground water investigation and classification services allow materials management planning (i.e. excavated soil handling, staging and disposal, dewatering liquids management and discharge permitting) that saves unforeseen expenses and prevents scheduling delays.  Lodestar also expedites wetlands permitting and mitigation planning, air permitting, storm water permitting and management planning, spill prevention and response planning.

Drone Services

Drogo LLC is a sister company of Lodestar that has been providing drone services since 2018. Capable of providing a multitude of services ranging from aerial inspections to site planning, Drogo pilots are FAA Part 107 Certified and qualified for the task. Click the image below to visit our website and see how Drogo LLC can assist in achieving your project goals!


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